Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mos Def: Universal Magnetic

Have payed attention to Hip Hop since 84 or so.  But around 87 or 88 production for the art form started becoming pretty advanced with pioneering producers like Marley Marl, Ced Gee, Paul C as well as Premier, Showbiz and Prince Paul.  From that point on, the music became more interesting then the MCing to me.  Hitting record stores to track down samples turned into a growing music collection and an expanding education.

Rawkus Records 1997
Dante Beze vocals
Shawn J Period production

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  1. Gang Starr “Jazz Music”
    This is the music, that we give tribute to
    They gave it to us that's why we give it to you
    Jazz music... jazz music
    Jazz music... UH.. uh.. uh

    Pete Rock and CL Smooth “Straighten it Out”
    The funk legacy I pass on,
    clearances for high rates
    Every time we sample all the past time greats

    Organized Konfusion “The Extinction Agenda”
    I'm the poetical poltergeist
    I heist tracks from the past
    And return them to the present
    time in rhyme form.
    What was once dead
    is now resurrected on the record
    And the physical words are mere
    residuals for my bidding

    Public Enemy “Caught, Can I Get a Witness”
    Caught, now in court cause I stole a beat,
    this is a sampling sport
    But Im giving it a new name,
    what you hear is mine: P.E. you know the time