Thursday, September 29, 2011

Masahiko Sato Samadhi

All right, so it's been a long while………and it's time for another post.  This one is from Masahiko Sato and he is joined by Gary Peacock and Motohiko Hino for one inventive trio outing.  This session was recorded approx 9 months after the Paysages session with Sadao Watanabe and one of his last recording sessions in Japan during that period.
The first track, the acoustic Samadhi has clusters of thoughtful lyricism, and wanders around a bit at a little at over 18 minutes long.  It is somewhat airy, spacious and strains imagination through time like fine powder through a sieve.  Sato’s clusters of sound trade off out quite nicely with the others throughout the duration of the track.  Peacock even plays a little arco in the middle there which makes you wish he did that more often.  But, the electrified Fairy Rings is to my ears the stand out and the one I come back to over and over again.  Maybe it’s the Rhodes, and the fact that it uses less space than the opener with that liquid reverb. And it feels like an evolution from the former track, as memorable melodies stretch out to some beautiful harmonic stuff.  And finally Fall Out is more solid, and has mass with density in rhythm, repeated melodies and choruses.  There seems to be all states of matter here when all is considered, and I wonder if that was what was intended?  Dunno. 
What I do know is that it’s pretty inspiring, and has been in my ears for a while.  I think it will remain in yours because it’s good stuff……so enjoy.

Masahiko Sato (piano, synth)
Gary Peacock (b)
Motohiko Hino (d)
March 1972

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Josh Abrams: Natural Information

Really late in learning about this one.  Definitely a long-time fan of Josh Abrams from first listen on the The Roots Organix LP, to Town & Country, Sam Prekop, Sticks & Stones and Cipher which features him as a leader.
I am along for the ride with this one as well.......just waiting for it to come in.

Listen to a track and order yours directly through Eremite here:

Marion Brown: Porto Novo

Bought this from Downtown Music Gallery years ago and just realized it's OOP and ripe for posting.
Absolutely love this record.  Altena is really low in the mix and Bennink is also poorly recorded, but just batters the kit.  Brown is well recorded and incredibly lyrical throughout. Notably "Improvisation" has a solo sax intro that will have you shaking your head as you play it over and over again.  It pairs perfectly and seamlessly with "Sound Structure" just before it, which is a very balanced trio piece with all three musicians just killing it throughout.
Tracks 6 and 7 are Marion Brown and the great Leo Smith forming the Creative Improvisational Ensemble.
Great stuff.

Tracks 1-5
Marion Brown, as
Maarten van Regteren Altena, b
Han Bennink, d

Tracks 6 & 7
Marion Brown: as, perc
Leo Smith: trumpet, perc

CD rip @320:

A Sketch for Brown

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Barre Phillips For All It Is

Barre Phillips, bass
Palle Danielsson, bass
Barry Guy, bass
J.F. Jenny-Clarke, bass
Stu Martin, percussion

March 12 1971 japo records 60003

@320 Wax dRIP

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Peter Kowald & Maarten Altena: Two Making a Triangle

First exposed to this format after buying the Bass Duets CD.  Some years later--still not sure how I feel, but I'm still listening.
The Bass Duets CD is a compilation of Kowald + Phillips, Guy and Altena on three different OOP lps.  For me, the last pairing was the most accessible because of the seeming emphasis of rhythmic invention. So I sought out the original wax, as not every track is on the CD comp.
The seamless assault of rhythms and sheer range of sound on this record is just something else.  Percussive slapping.  Half-cocked funky bass lines.  Manic melodic bowing.  Endless other techniques are interwoven with controlled gaps of silence creating a singular energy that ebbs and flows like the tides.  There are places where the sound crests, and other lower places as well.  I'm not sure how you might feel.  But I'm sure you will feel give it a listen.

Peter Kowald, bass
Maarten Altena bass and cello

Recorded: March 19 & 20, 1982

@ 320 Wax drip

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Leo Smith / Peter Kowald / Günter Sommer AMIGA LP

This was originally released in 1980 on FMP as Touch the Earth, and then title-less in 1981 on Amiga.
The interplay is amazing between these three musicians, and with masterful ears, space is incredibly well balanced.
Smith's trumpet tone is so clear and crisp, at times it glides high above the timbre of the other instrumentation.  But then, from the buzzing and stirring rhythm section beneath Kowald will bow his bass up high and bridge the gap.  Sommer's percussive accents add to both the sonic unpredictability and at times the rock-solid rhythmic balance of this killer session.  I kinda like the Amiga release without the implication of Earth being  in the title.  These guys were on some other planet when they recorded this......

Leo Smith: trumpet, flugelhorn & african thumb piano
Peter Kowald: bass
Günter Sommer: drums, percussion & organ pipes

Recorded November 13th and 14th 1979

@320. Wax dRip: