Thursday, October 7, 2010

Leo Smith / Peter Kowald / Günter Sommer AMIGA LP

This was originally released in 1980 on FMP as Touch the Earth, and then title-less in 1981 on Amiga.
The interplay is amazing between these three musicians, and with masterful ears, space is incredibly well balanced.
Smith's trumpet tone is so clear and crisp, at times it glides high above the timbre of the other instrumentation.  But then, from the buzzing and stirring rhythm section beneath Kowald will bow his bass up high and bridge the gap.  Sommer's percussive accents add to both the sonic unpredictability and at times the rock-solid rhythmic balance of this killer session.  I kinda like the Amiga release without the implication of Earth being  in the title.  These guys were on some other planet when they recorded this......

Leo Smith: trumpet, flugelhorn & african thumb piano
Peter Kowald: bass
Günter Sommer: drums, percussion & organ pipes

Recorded November 13th and 14th 1979

@320. Wax dRip:


  1. Thanks do much. Great post. I just DL'd this from Destination Out - outstanding recording so good to have this also.

  2. No problem....hope you're enjoying the music.