Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Joseph Scianni with David Izenzon: Man Running

Admittedly, this is my only exposure to Scianni.  But, Izenzon's volatile bass playing is what makes this session pop and the reason why I grabbed this disc in the first place.  He brings unorthodox harmonic stuff here just as in Jaki Byard's Sunshine of My Soul, turning open-but-conventional piano playing into something unique.  Still leaves me wishing Elvin was tooling out some poly rhythms in the mix.....but there's plenty here to enjoy.          

Joseph Scianni p
David Izenzon b

March 18, 1965  Savoy MG 12185

@ 320. wax dRIP:



  1. this is a new great blog,i suppose,with the other one freethemusic..... i have a problem with rapidshare .. i can't download anything,can you post also with the mediafire link?thank you very much xavier

  2. No problem Xavier. Here you are:



  3. Thanks a lot for this and several other of your posts - just found this blog today. Lovely to find the Po Torch Schlippenbach. Cheered me up this weekend, where a long sought white sleeve copy of King Alcohol arrived, only to have been massively warped by evil air postal staff.

    Keep up with the blog.

  4. Is this still available anywhere?