Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Peter Kowald & Maarten Altena: Two Making a Triangle

First exposed to this format after buying the Bass Duets CD.  Some years later--still not sure how I feel, but I'm still listening.
The Bass Duets CD is a compilation of Kowald + Phillips, Guy and Altena on three different OOP lps.  For me, the last pairing was the most accessible because of the seeming emphasis of rhythmic invention. So I sought out the original wax, as not every track is on the CD comp.
The seamless assault of rhythms and sheer range of sound on this record is just something else.  Percussive slapping.  Half-cocked funky bass lines.  Manic melodic bowing.  Endless other techniques are interwoven with controlled gaps of silence creating a singular energy that ebbs and flows like the tides.  There are places where the sound crests, and other lower places as well.  I'm not sure how you might feel.  But I'm sure you will feel something.....so give it a listen.

Peter Kowald, bass
Maarten Altena bass and cello

Recorded: March 19 & 20, 1982

@ 320 Wax drip



  1. Many years ago someone smashed a load of my vinyl records whilst trying to burgle my flat. Over the years most were replaced as they became available as CDs, but those that were not reissued, remained lost. And now I've just found two of them (Anticlockwise and Touch the Earth) on this blog. Many, many thanks for those and also for 'Two Making a Triangle' - I was always interested in this one as I have the Barry Guy & Peter Kowald duet 'Paintings'.
    Also, is the link still working for The Schlippenbach Quartet's 'Das Hohe Lied'? I keep getting error messages and I can't work out if it's me or the link.
    Anyway, thanks again and good luck.

  2. Glad to help replenish your collection.

    Just replaced the link for Das Hohe Lied, so give it another try...