Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sadao Watanabe Paysages

It seems that Bitches Brew was the inspiration for Paysages with that familiar Rhodes induced electro-acoustic sound.  The way the drums lightly tiptoe into "Space is Not a Place" even reminds me of the intro to "Pharaoh's Dance".  But the five sensibilities at work here make this album (and the other two from the session) seem like worlds away.  Good stuff.

Sadao Watanabe  Alto Sax, Flute and Sopranino Sax
Masabumi Kikuchi  Acoustic and Electric piano
Gary Peacock  Bass
Masahiko Togashi  Drums
Hiroshi Murakami  Drums

Recorded June 22, 1971

Ripped at 320.


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  1. I very much like that other Peacock album you shared, and look forward to also hear this one. Thanks for sharing!